Friday, June 6, 2014


Hi Guys,

Blending doesn't get any better than this. This brush right here has saved me from too many eye shadow mishaps. We have all had those back in the day episodes when we attempted to wear four eye shadows on one eye and we ended up with a HOT MESS!!! I know this happened to me too many times! I would use that sponge applicator brush that comes in eye shadow sets and i thought i was the bomb!! SMH

My first blending brush was the ELF one and it just opened my eyes to the power of blending!! It was my introductory brush to the blending life and since then i have been on the hunt for the fluffuest blending brushes out there. HEEYYY the fluffier the better if you ask me!

So i was shopping at Casabella and i came across this brand called CALA. I'm sure a ton of people know this brand now because Casabella is the only store in Nigeria that carries it as far as i am aware and i know a ton of my readers have been in there(I understand o its not our fault blame makeup). Anyways, i decided to give the brand a try as the brushes where just too soft!! They have everything from foundation to eyeliner brushes and i was curious about the quality and if they would deliver. I was most interested in this blending brush because it is was so big and super soft and would do well with blending transition colors.

DAZZLE BEAUTIE: This product came in a super cute packaging. I mean look at it. It also came enclosed in a velvety pouch too. Super cute.  This eye shadow brush is the perfect size and shape to get into the crease of the eye to create dramatic or natural contours. It  applies a perfect amount of eye color and softly blends shadows for a professional look. This brush is super cheap too. For the job it does it is super cheap i don't know how this brand isn't one of the top 5 makeup brush brands out there because their brushes are really good.

PRICE: N1450

I'm definitely trying out some more brushes from this brand. I like them a lot and i'm sure you all will too.

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  1. Hahahaha! Back in the day when we used the sponge tip applicators. Sigh we thought we were the shit! 😂 Lovely review. The brush looks really nice

  2. N1,450? haha.. I shoulda waited lol. I love the brush but the packaging trips me the most. I refused to throw my velvety pouch away. I was just too fine lol