Monday, April 28, 2014


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I have been a bad blogger!! I know.. Over the past two weeks i have not had time for myself much less blogging. I apologize for my absence but ya favorite girl is bacckkk!!!

Everyone knows i have my reservations about this highlight thing because it has disgraced me a lot of times in public due to extreme heat coupled with my oily skin. I don't know when i offended the highlighting gods but i apologize. Recently i was going through instagram and we all know there are some fantastic makeup artists on instagram.FANTASTIC!! I noticed most of them use creme products to highlight and not liquid. When i say cream i know concealers are cream too but i mean like cream foundation type products. I started thinking of products i could use for this as i wanted to try IT out. I decided to get a cream foundation for this, crossed my fingers and hoped it would turn out great. I have not given up on this highlighting life. I must nail it! LOL

IMAN is not a strange product in Nigeria. It has been around for a long time. I think Montaigne place has a stand for them and they can be gotten from most beauty vendors. I have used this creme to powder foundation before and i liked it so i decided to give it a try as a highlighting product. I am a Clay 2 but i got Clay 1 for this and it is just right. I love how IMAN has a wide range of shades to suit many skintones. There is a shade match for everyone. Something i love about products made for women of color.

What IMAN says:
Gives the flawless look you want, with a truly natural appearance. Glides on like sheer silk to give the coverage of cream combined with a velvety powder finish.  Full coverage foundation imparts a velvety powder finish. PERFORMANCE FEATURES- Apply foundation and blend downward in the direction of your hair growth for a more even texture- Velvety, creamy consistency blends easily- Contains powder for a velvety finish- Reduces the appearance of large pores- Helps to hide discoloration- For all skin types

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: I think i have found one product that will help me with highlighting. I wanted something that would blend well with my skin but show some shade difference on some parts of my face. The first time i tried this, i applied it with my hand and made sure to blend in properly. I even did a reverse contour on my cheeks and i like how it dried on my skin even without me setting with a powder. I guess whats where the "Creme to powder" effect came in. I applied this under my eyes, forehead and cupids bow. 

One thing i must say about this product is that it is quite oily( or maybe its my skin) and i have to use just a little so i don't end up looking like a grease ball. Over all i like this and i will keep using this. It is not heavy on the face and when set with a powder it looks great.

Still on the hunt for more cream products to highlight. I'm open to suggestions guys!!

PRICE: N2500. I purchased this at Tejuosho market. This can be found anywhere makeup is sold. And i seriously mean this o.Anywhere!! Also, there are a lot of fake IMAN powders now. Be careful not to buy that. Do purchase from a store or online.

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  1. Where have u been ? nice review , can u pls recommend a couple of foundations for me ? my skin is very oily , I presently use a Mary Kay 607 . Thanks .