Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maybelline Makeup Fair Pics

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Hi Guys!!!
So i will be sharing some thoughts and pictures from the just concluded Maybelline makeup fair. I was really excited to attend this event as i wanted to meet a few people and i generally enjoy these fairs because i get to buy products at cheaper prices.(Everyone loves a great price)

The most annoying thing happened to me. I made sure to charge my camera battery because i had used it the night before and didn't want it to die on me at the event. Only for me to turn on my camera and i see one battery bar!! I was dissapointed but i go to take some pictures of the products up for display before it finally went off.

Sorry this is a pic heavy post because i really don't have much to say so kindly enjoy the pics...

I didn't get to sit for the Masterclass but i watched from the sidelines as Bimpe Onakoya did her thing before  i walked round  to find some makeup to buy but sadly i didn't purchase ANYTHING!!! I was quite dissapointed at the number of retailers that showed up for the event. I didn't find any of my favorite products and honestly most of the makeup there were stuff i already had. I did see a lot of Original beauty blenders but the prices where a little bit ridiculous.

All in all the turn out for the event was pretty high and i was glad i got to meet a lot of people personally. Hope to attend more of these in the nearest future.

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  1. Anytime I see a nice purple bag I secretly start plotting how to steal it *covers eyes* some ocean 11/mission impossible type scheme LOL *runs away
    NIce pics!