Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SLEEK Blush by 3 Review "PINK SPRINT" and "LACE"


                                                                      Hello lovely people,

Today i will be reviewing some blushes that i have had for a while but had the worst time photographing. I dont know why but for everytime i chose to take pictures of these blushes they just looked wrong. Either too dark or when i used flash on them they came out looking the wrong shade.. I do not have the best camera for blogging * I use a samsung s4 to take my pictures* and it does affect the quality of my pictures but i will get a great camera hopefully soon. *fingers crossed*

Sleek is a very popular  makeup brand that has been around for a while.I believe every woman has one sleek item or the other in her makeup purse  most especially the eyeshadows palette or the sleek roll up pencil. Some people even have every single palette... My favourite is the SUNSET palette tho..... but i digress.....
 I had been wanting these blushes for a while and they were not yet available in Nigeria as at when i bought them. Luckily,i was able to grab them from a store that just stocked them the day before i went. There are 6 blush sets available now but i picked up these two below....

What SLEEK SAYS: Blush by 3 is the ultimate palette offering you three times the impact in one neat little compact.With three complementary shades each designed with its own unique finish, from rich shimmers to intensely deep and bright show stopping matte shades. Heads will turn!
Blush by 3 is available in 5 unique colour combinations designed to suit all skin tones, and available in a small compact with a mirror, perfect for on-the-go application. Store in a cool dry place.



The colors in this palette really compliment each other. If you like coral pinks then this palette is definitely for you.There are two matte colors (crochet/ chantilly) and one shimmery color (Guipure) which i like to use as a highlight. This color is very similar to the Sleek "ROSE GOLD" blush which i had and broke. :'( . This is a perfect replacement.

Crochet: A matte peachy coral
Guipure: A peachy pink with gold shimmer
Chantilly: A matter pinky coral which is about two shades deeper than crochet

This palette is a great blush palette and i reach for this a lot as it gives my cheeks a beautiful warm blush of color. Guipure is my favourite tho..


I f you love pink , and then you love pink blushes, this is the ultimate blush set for you. The three colors in this palette are all matte and very pigmented.
   Pink Parfeit: A soft berry rose;
 Pink Ice: A super bright neon pink;
  Pinktini: A  pigmented dark raspberry.
This blush palette is lovely and i use pink parfeit the most. The colors are all extremely pigmented and you only need a little to get some color. At first i had a problem with this blush because it was just too pigmented and i didnt know not to use a lot but when i use this now i know to tap my brush gently, dust it off, then apply lightly. I can then gently build up as much color as i want.
PACKAGING: These blushes come in a sleek black rectangular case that snaps tightly shut. Each palette has three blush compartments inside.On the reverse side of the case are the names of each blush included. I thought this sets should have come with a complimentary blush brush but i guess sleek doesnt have time for that so... ;S . People probably wouldnt use it anyway but it would have been nice. The only problem i have with this packaging is that it gets dirty a lot. ;S I had to give these a good wiping to take these pictures. Every other thing is fine tho.
PRODUCT: At first glance, these blushes look scary!! They are super pigmented. Over pigmented even. When i opened up pink sprint and saw that pink blush i was like HELL NOOO!! I did like the other colors so i decided to pick it up. A part from the fact that they are very pigmented, these blushes are very pretty, the staying power is awesome and i love them a lot.
PRICE: These blushes are very affordable surprisingly for the quality of them. I purchased them for N2500 but you can purchase them from any makeup store that stocks them or KONGA.
I want to get some more colors, maybe PUMPKIN and SWEET CHEEKS.... Does anyone have those? What do you think?
Thanks for Stopping by!!