Monday, December 9, 2013


Hi Guys!!! Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had a great weekend.
I guess it is now officially time to start extending the christmas wishes so i say to you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you guys are planning something lovely for the period .
So today i will be sharing with you things that my eyes have been lusting over and lord knows how long i have been wanting them but you know how they say you cant have everything you want ...but i say " WHY NOT".. :D
Asides from it being the christmas period ,this is also my birthday month!!! Whoooop!! That means double celebration for me!! All my friends who read my blog better open your eyes now oo ... ;P

1) Samsung NX300 20MP Camera: Oh yes!! I have been on the look out for a great camera that is also very affordable. I have been planning to get a great DSLR camera for blogging and  i discovered this baby. I have read and watched indepth youtube reviews on this so i think i have found my hearts desire. In WHITE also. Everyyything looks better in white! lol

2) FENDI 2JOURS BAG: Call it long throat ooooo, but on my last holiday i spotted this fly girl and i have been dreaming of her ever since. This is a classy, simple, nicely structured statement handbag that SHE needs to have... They also inscribe your initials for you after Your purchase. How cute! *drools*..

3)MARC JACOBS HONEY PERFUME: I am a MARC JACOBS perfume fan as the other fragrances i have purchased did not dissapoint. The scent of this is lovely.Smells yummy even.. I was hung up on DOT for a while but once i got a whiff of this i fell in love. I WANT!!!! The bottle is so pretty too. 

4) VALENTINO ROCK STUD SANDALS: My friends do not understand my obsession with this SHOE. It is between me and this shoe. Classy, ladylike, with a spice of studs for that rock chick look please what is not to love? I have been lusting after the pink and nude ones... I adore em

5) SIGMA BRUSH SET: These brushes that are not available in Nigeria ooo. WHY WHY WHY!! :"( I have been wanting these forever and when i couldnt find anyone to purchase for me i got the real technique ones which i absolutely love. But i would love to own these. In pink also.... SHE LOVES PINK! :D

6) GUERLAIN LA PETITE ROBE NOIRE: I am a sucker for cute packaging..I am an absolute girly girl and that drew me to this perfume. One of the reasons i fell for PRADA CANDY also.The bottle is gorgeous and the floral scent of this is lovely...

7)MARC JACOBS WATCH: Have been eyeing this on ASOS for a while but kept holding off the purchase because i have other watches and i kept spending the money on other things. This watch is so pretty, chunky and would sit perfectly on my little wrist.. I love rose gold too.

8)CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SO KATE PUMPS: After purchasing my first pair of louboutins i have been planning a repeat performance!! LOL. These So kates are the new IT SHOE. Similar to be pigalles but more like its cousin. In nude? YES. Nude goes with everything and i cant wait for these babies to be mine sooooon...

9) SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3: This gadget has everything i need in a phone. It is large, camera quality is wonderful and i am done with my Blackberry! Relationship is OVER!!It is also very affordable for a high end smartphone., Samsung just released this in the white and rose gold.
An upgrade from my SIII is neccessary. Hope this hits Nigeria soon.

10) URBAN DECAY NAKED3 PALETTE: I skipped out on NAKED 1& 2 because i just did not fall in love with them when i saw them regardless of all the hype. Holy grail eyeshadow palette bla bla bla. It didnt get to me. I saw the pics of these online and the rose hues of the eyeshadows I really like. The pics where absolutely gorgeous. This needs to be owned by me.I WANTTT!! :D

11)APPLE IPAD MINI 2: Im sure you guys can tell i have a thing for gadgets. YES... After makeup gadgets are my next favourite thing. I love what they do and how easy they make my life. I have never owned a tablet of any kind and my mummy wants hers back.. So i  need mine now. I never really liked the IPAD but this mini is too damn cuteeee. WHITE AGAIN.. Everything is cuter in white... hehe

12)RIVER ISLAND IPAD MINI CASE: Just look at this cutey, i saw this on the river island site and it inspired me further to WANT an ipad mini. This patent leather jewel encrusted case is too cute for words..I lovely my sparklies and shinnies thank you!! :D

So this is my Official wishlist.. I didnt want to do a whole makeup wishlist post because that would  be so boring...  Hope this gives someone out there some gifting ideas as well..  I had a lot of fun putting together this list and NO i am not vain oo.. I am just a girl who likes the good things of life...

Thanks for Stopping by!!! Have an awesome week.