Friday, November 29, 2013

Review: L'OREAL Super Liner Gel Intenza

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So today i shall be talking about EYELINER!!!

Eyeliners are one of my favourite parts of makeup application. I remember when i used to make my sisters Kajal dissapear every time she got a new one. *coughs* Dont ask me how. I have been an eyeliner lover even before i knew how to apply makeup properly. My simplest form of makeup till date is some liner, mascara and lipgloss for a fresh face

I have tried different kinds of liners, (liquid,pencil) but never Gel . I purchased my first gel liner which was the wet and wild one; i really liked it and used it up until i travelled and saw this at the l'oreal stand. WHY? The lady at the counter had it on and it was the most intense black eyeliner i had ever seen. She had on eyes full of eyeshadow but the liner was so intense i just had to grab it. 

 What L'OREAL SAYS: Create your signature look and dare to be graphic with Superliner Gel Intenza. Easy application, long lasting result.The luxurious gel texture glides on easily. Up to 24 hours of wear. The product is professionally inspired.

PACKAGING: This L'oreal SUPER LINER gel intenza*which ia a muthful and not a very appealing name*  comes in a sleek gold pack which is very pretty and eyecatching. It also has a clear peep hole so you can spy the product. *uhmm that sounds a little pervy but u know* LOL. The product itself is contained inside a little glass container with a gold screw cap top. It also comes with an eyeliner brush which is the most useful brush that has ever come with a product i  have purchased.

PRODUCT: I picked up this eyeliner in the color 'Pure black" and it is what it says. It is very dark,pigmented, creamy and dries quickly when applied to the lids. I also use this on my lower lash line and it does not sting or irritate my eyes. This eyeliner does not smudge also. I love to layer my eyeliner on thick and it does not transfer once it has dried. It is long lasting and it does say 24 hours but honestly,it doesnt last that long say 8 hours and  i really dont need my eyeliner to last for 24hours.
PRICE: I purchased this eyeliner for 50 DIRHAMS i think. Which is a little over N2000  which i think is a fair price.  Compared to my MAC gel liner which i have since boycotted i must say i prefer this to that one . I give this liner an A+ and will definitely purchase again.

What do you guys think of this liner?

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