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Hope you all had a great weekend! I know i did. This beautiful morning i will be reviewing products from an indigenous makeup brand.... KAYGE COSMETICS. A few months back,  i did a review on one of their lipglosses i was gifted at the LMUF and i absolutely loved. I was sent some goodies which i shared a picture of on instagram and now i am here with a full and honest review...

The Kayge makeup brand is a lipservice line with Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Lip pencils and Lipstains. They cater to the lips only and have a variety of gorgeous colors and finishes to suit different tastes .




FEMME: This is a pale pink milky lipgloss. At first sight this lipgloss looked interesting because i am not a big fan of pale pink lipsticks and lipglosses and i try to stay away from them as much as possible because they do not really flatter me. When i  wore this, i didnt like how it looked on me but after a few minutes the paleness cooled on the lips and it looked pretty. I also tried this untop a pale pink lipstick and it looked gorgeous. I would advise you rock this with a lip pencil for wearability.

FLIRT: When i gotmy first lipgloss from this brand, i was very impressed and couldnt wait to get more of them. I was very pleased when i received this color beacuse i had been eyeing it for a while as it was a very gorgeous hot pink. This gloss can be worn on its own or untop a lip color. Either way it is very pigmented, non sticky and long lasting.. (3HOURS) for me which is enough before reapplication.

MIST: We all know how hard it is to find a gorgeous nude lipstick that will not wash you out or look ghostly. This nude lippie gives just enough color to the lips without making you look dead. It has a yellow undertone which is quite creamy but after a while dries a little matte on the lips. I paired this with my Zaron lip pencil in Cappucino and i absolutely loved the results. Best paired with a neutral or smokey eye for full effect.

CABERNET: This is a gorgeous berry lipstick i mean just look at it!!It is creamy and not matte at all. I guess thats why i like it so much.  My camera isnt the best guys but you can still see how pretty and pigmented this is on my lips.  I had no problems with application as it went on smoothly and did not sink into my lips. I must say i was very impressed with this color and have been wearing it a lot of recent.


DEEP PLUM: I am not a big fan of lip stains and pout polishes and i always ignore them because i feel they are too much hastle to use and a ittle unhygenic. Id rather use a tube/ wand lipgloss and keep it moving. When i got these products, i decided to try this out FIRST because i usually avoid them and to my surprise i was very impressed. Deep plum gives a beautiful wash of color to the lips without being too pigmented. I guess thats the job of a stain. Just a little color/ tint to the lips.I absolutely love that Kayge threw in a mirror too!! Great Job guys..;)



PLUM: This is a dark purple color that can be worn on its own or with a lipstick/gloss. It is very easy to apply and very pigmented. I had a little issue with this sharpening as the pencil kept breaking off but i realised that i only had to do it gently because of how soft the product was so that solved it. This is one of my new favorite lip pencils to pair with lipsticks because it gives a beautiful gradient effect.



 This nude lip pencil was included but had no name on it. The packaging was also different from the rest so i am guessing this was limited edition. The pencil as all the other products is pigmented and i use this as a base for nude lipsticks as i dont like to line my lips with a nude pencil. In my opinion, it doesnt look nice but this as a base works just fine..

Kayge Cosmetics as an indigenous brand, has done an awesome job with their first collection of products and i am a big fan. For a Nigerian makeup brand, i am very impressed and i will definitely recommend their products.. I give it an A+ . Looking out for more colors and collections from them.
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