Monday, October 21, 2013

Zaron Moisturizing Lipstick Review

Hello Everyone,
Sorry for the silence. I have been very busy with work. I do apologize. Today i have a review from a haul i did quite a while back and i have been meaning to post. When i first got these products i took pictures of them and completely forgot about it. I started using the products and remembered i hadnt posted. When i finally decided to , i didnt like the pictures i took anymore
:( . I had to retake my used products. DO FORGIVE ME.

What ZARON says: ZARON is a brand dedicated to the enhancement of the wellbeing and quality of lives of all people through the development, marketing, distribution and sale of quality lifestyle products. The brand was conceived in Leeds, United Kingdom in 2010 and began operations in Lagos Nigeria in September 2011.

As all other products i have come to find i discovered this online. I was a bit skeptical on purchasing this but eventualy gave in and purchased on DEALDEY.. I picked up four of the five colors they had and i must say i am quite impressed with these. It is MATTE which i really like, comes in a very sleek and simple case and very longlasting. It goes on smoothly and the colors are very pigmented. I thought i would be dissapointed but i like them.The one thing i will say i dont really like is the waxy smell. It doesnt have that Vanilla or strawberry scent lipsticks usually have but it fades after a few minutes. ZARON pls fix this. :( 

L-R Pretty Pink, TinkyWinky, Tonee Red, Mystic
Pretty Pink- Bright Barbie Pink
Tinky Winky- Cool Tone Lavender (dupe for riri boy/up the amp I.M.O)
Tonee Red: Cool Toned Red
Mystic: Bright Orange

Without Flash

PRICE: The price of these are N1525 on the ZARON website but i purchased on Dealdey for N1k a pop! :) . Zaron products are all very affordable and i have good things to say about the ones i have tried. I hear their mascara is a winner too. I might purchase soon.

I also purchased all the lippencils which are ABSOLUTELY pigmented. I will show some pictures in another post.

Does anyone have these lipsticks? What do you think of them? Do let me know. :)

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