Friday, October 25, 2013

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes Review

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Its the WEEEEK-EEENNNDD!! . Happy Friday! TGIF!
To end this lovely week, i will do a little review of these Wet and Wild palettes i got recently. Everyone knows wet and wild. Its a drug store brand that is very C and C!! (cheap and cheerful).
 These palettes where brought to my attention through other makeup bloggers and i  really wanted to try them out.The pictures i saw where just absolutely stunning and i had to have them. Unfortunately, these are very hard to find in Nigeria. Was it not my day when i walked into a perfume/makeupstore and saw these babies!! I was so excited , i quickly picked them up.(I honestly went in there to get perfume :/) 
I purchased :
      333 I GOT GOOD JEANS (trio)
     I didnt find BLUE HAD ME AT HELLO :(
What WET N WILD says: Eight dynamic, perfectly color-coordinated shades with high pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color. Shades can be used together or individually to create an endless variety of looks. .

PRODUCT: These eyeshadows are very pigmented,easy to apply and blend very well. Okay honestly a little too pigmented if you ask me. But heyyyy! Im not complaining :). All you have to do is apply with a light hand and in little strokes and you are good to go. There was little or no fall out when i used these but please use a shadow shield when applying ;). They give awesome color payoff and do not crease. (Dont forget your eyeprimer ladies).
PACKAGING: The palettes comes in a plastic compact case with a transparent top that snaps tightly shut. I love this beacuse i hate when my eyeshadows break. It's not heavy and will tuck well in your makeup purse or bag. There are 8 colors in each palette, 4 colors on each side which kind of belong to the same color family. I think they were made that way so people can easily know what colors to play with.
 Overall, i love these eyeshadows but the only thing i donn't really fancy is that there are no proper transition colors or matte colors in these palettes. All the colors are super pigmented and if you are a "three -four eyeshadow at a time girl", you will have to reach for other eye shadows or palettes to work with these. But you can totally wear one or two of these colors on your lids and thats it. I saw the new matte palette online and it has some great transition colors. That will be great to work with these and create more subtle looks.
I purchased the palettes for N1500 and  the trio for N1000 which i think is fair. A little more expensive than the original price but not bad still. For a drug store brand, these are really worth having. 
If any one knows where i can get more of these palettes do let me know pleassseee!!Comment below ladies.

Have an absolutely lovely weekend and Thanks for Stopping by!

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  1. Nice review Precious, please where can I get these eyeshadow???