Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rimmel Lastiing finish MATTE by Kate Moss Review

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I know i have been a runaway blogger!!! My last post was in February!! O_o. And i have really missed blogging. Work and LIFE took me away and i couldn't get two minutes to settle down, type up my blog posts, take pictures, edit and what not!!! Thats my poor excuse! *covers face*

During this time i have been HAULING!!!!!! A LOT!! I tried to put myself on a spending ban guys  but it was too hard... This is NOT a cry for help though!! LOL.

For my first post after an almost two month hiatus, i want to share with you some of the Rimmel Lipsticks i got from ASOS... YES ASOS!!! I mean who goes to ASOS to order makeup to Nigeria??? Really!! Well MEEEEE!!! :D ... I was randomly going through their beauty section and i saw these along with some other rimmel lippies which i will review in another post. I just had to get them and shipping was FREE!!! Alright let me get to my review....


Be Iconic - Make the Ordinary Extraordinary Sumptuously Rich Matte Colour with a sublime comfort. Ruby Powder enriched formula. Intense velvet colour all day!

What I SAY:

These lipstick caught my attention because it was  KATE line and i am drawn to celebrity endorsed products. After checking up tons of reviews on this i decided to give it a try and i must say these lipsticks are really great. I got 4 out of the 5 that were available. I skipped the nude color because i ordered  a nude i will be reviewing in another post..

Formulation:  They are full to medium coverage and are very pigmented.  We know the drill ladies, moisturize your lips before applying matte lipsticks... :D. These are MATTE lipsticks and are a little bit drying.. Other than that they apply really well and last for a couple hours. Honestly, i have worn all these lipsticks and i don't think i reapplied during the course of the day.

These lipsticks smell so lovely. Like Strawberries or watermelon.. Cant pick it up but Delicious. I know people complain about lipsticks smelling like wax and all that other... but these are really nice. LOVE IT.

Packaging: These bad girls are enclosed in a  nice, slick , sturdy, red tube. These are different from the regular Kate lipstick which are in the black tube.

Price: These are 5.49 Pounds on ASOS.

Would i Recommend: DEFINITELY!! I give these 4 out of 5 stars!! They are very pretty on the lips and come in shades that would suit a variety of skin tones...Get it Ladies!! : *

101- Nude pinkish color
107- Burgundy berry color

111- Kiss of Life Cherry Red color
110- Coral Pink color

Do you like these Rimmel lipsticks? What do you think about them? Do let me know.

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