Sunday, February 10, 2013

MYMAKEUP 28 Neutral eyeshadow palette review

Hello Darlings.I know some people will say i've been M.I.A since my last series of posts and that is not a lie. A lot of good things have been going on and have kept me quite occupied but i promise not to ever abandon my blog as it is now such a big part of my life.

Well today i will be bringing you my review on the 28 neutral eyeshadow palette i purchased from MYMAKEUP. I discovered this store on facebook and i decided to pick up this palette as i have always wanted the one by Coastal Scents or BH cosmetics and i couldnt get it. :(

I am a huge fan of neutral eye makeup looks so this was a MUST HAVE for me.  The eyeshadow palette comes in a sleek black unbranded plastic box.It closes firmly and is very lightweight so there is no fear of it falling and smashing. It has dropped from my hand a few times and the eye shadows were still intact so i guess that's a good thing.

This palette is filled with an array of neutral colors from whites, to cremes, baby pinks ,mint ,soft browns,chocolate browns,purple and a soft black. This allows you to create different neutral eye looks and also smokey looks too. It has everything from a lid color to crease and a highlight color so you can do a complete eye look with this without having to grab another palette.


This palette is a mixture of both matte and shimmery colors and i must say the first time i swatched these i was a little dissapointed because i expected more color pay off. Some colors are a lot more pigmented than others but i decided to use a white eyeshadow base with this and the colors POPPED!! 

Another thing i noticed was the FALL OUT with these. I had to wipe my face after applying these eyeshadows. Thankfully i always do my eye look first before applying foundation so its not so bad.

I suggest if you are going to get this you grab a white eyeshadow base (NYX,LA COLOR) or you wont enjoy this palette very much .My next post will feature a look i did with the eyeshadow palette and i did like it a lot.

ROW 1 & 2

ROW 3&4

Overall i would give this palette a 7/10. Its a great deal for the price and you can do a lot of fun neutral and smokey looks with this.

This palette cost N3500 and i purchased at Junior options at Sura shopping complex. You can also tweet @mymakeup1 to order or go to the newly launched website  beautyrevolution .

Do any of you dolls own this palette? What do you think?

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  1. I love, i want.... please send as a Val gift to me..

  2. Thanks for the review, here's a link to where it can be purchase