Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jordana Lipstick Review (True red and Radiant red)

Hello my dolls, so over the weekend, i decided to go hunting for a cheaper alternative red lipstick to substitute with my high end lipsticks. Frankly, as much as i love them, i dont like to wear them all the time so i decided to go hunting and i found not one but two lipsticks from the same brand.

The lipsticks i will be reviewing are from Jordana cosmetics in the shades  077True Red and 105Radiant Red. When i got to the store/ was going through the lipsticks on the Jordana stand, i noticed that they do have quite a few red lipsticks, but i decided to pick these two up because they looked so bright from the case.

Radiant red, True Red 

Swatches below...

Radiant red , True red

Radiant red is more true to color than TRUE RED!! To get this level of color pay off, i had to swatch the lipsticks about three to four times.

Radiant red, True red, MAC Russian red

I swatched the lipsticks beside MAC's Russian red to show their level of pigmentation. Radiant red is closer to  Russian red (just a tad bit brighter) while True red is more creamy with less color pay off. The lipsticks where N500 each so i guess i get what i paid for with these.

Would i recommend? YES! They are a good buy if you want to spend your money on a lipstick thats not too expensive or you want a cheaper alternative to the high end lipsticks for everyday use.
  Do any of my dolls have any of the Jordana lipsticks in other colors?? Do let me know what colors you have and would recommend? I kinda like these though.. :) 
                                                            Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Radiant Red looks fantastic..Love it :)

  2. A friend who is a Makeup Artist recommended it and I've Terracotta which is Matte and a Nude Lipstick. I love it but always have to reapply after lunch.