Monday, August 10, 2015


Hi Guys,

I have been wanting to step up my glitter game and i found some i really liked on MYMAKEUPNG . I like to wear glitter for nice sparkly looks but i never found a brand i really liked. I have tried the magnolia glitter but it was so chunky and i just didn't like the feel on my eyes.

Up until now, i had never heard of the brand JCAT until i stumbled on it on MYMAKEUPNG website. I did my little research and to my surprise they are a pretty cool makeup company with a full line of products. 

WHAT JCAT SAYS: Add a touch of sparkle to your look with the Sparkling Powder available in 36 must have shades! Use for those dazzling occasions where your goal is to shine amongst the crowd. Get the perfect amount of sparkle using clean fingers or a dry (or wet) eye shadow brush. 
I picked up four shades:

SP210 - BONDI BLACK- Black with multi color glitter. This is the best black glitter i have ever come across. 

SP212 - LION SILVER-Silver with multi color glitter.

SP206 - IRIS INDIGO- Purple with blue green iridescent glitter.

SP207 - TANGERINE- Orange with green and gold glitter.

This glitters are just so pretty and easy to work with. I like the packaging because there is minimal spilling when you open the lid and you can control the amount of glitter you need. It was easy to apply and it wasn't too chunky. One thing i noticed is that this glitter is  not too over powering on the lids. It can be worn in the day time even though i'm not too big on wearing heavy glitter during the daytime . Well unless you are going for a wedding or a super party... ROCK ON!!

The price is great for the quantity and quality too and overall i am loving this product. I can't wait to create some fun looks with these and pickup some more colors.


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  1. wow! these are so pretty! Looking forward to seeing them in a fotd soon!