Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Hi Guys,

 Recently i have been doing very little makeup purchases but i couldn't resist this new product that kept popping up on my IG and youtube feed. Colour pop eyeshadows. Now colour pop is an instagram famous brand that is all the rave right now. I am an eye shadow girl but when i saw these i knew they where just next level gorgeous. I had to give them a try and i purchased 5 different colours to start with.

Colour pop has a variety of colours and finishes which include Satin,Matte,Metallic, Ultra Mettalic and Pearlized. I honestly ran to the website after watching a tutorial by one of my fav youtubers using the "So quiche" eye shadow. This particular one have a mettalic finish and has the most beautiful finish i had ever seen.
Black drizzled with multiple shades of green and subtle hints of blue and gold glitter
Bright peacock teal in a Pearlized finish.
Intense penny copper with a liquid like ultra-metallic finish.
Warm bronze with tons of gold and multi coloured glitter
 Copper penny like shade with silver and gold glitter
I  couldnt find the back cover shot for Sequin so i  gave u double eyeshadow "LOOKAGE".. LOL

So i picked up: Coconut, Nillionaire, GameFace, Sequin and Shameless..

Now i'm not going to go into details about each one of them because they are all beautiful and bla bla bla.. Yup.. Straight to the point.(I did include descriptions of the colors under each pic). Overall i really love these.They do not feel like regular eye shadows. These have a moussey effect and are so soft to touch. It is also highly recommended that you apply these with your fingers for intense color payoff. I did that and they looked amazing on. Now that i have gotten that out of the way you need to be careful when handling these because they break easily. Very annoying but i guess i can live with it. The packaging also helps with this as you can screw the top tightly and not experience spilling if you are stuck with a broken eye shadow like i am.. 

Overall, i have nothing but great things to say about the performance of them all. The
priceis great at 5 dollars a pop which comes to about N1200 in Naira but they are sold between N2000-2500 here. Re sellers gotta make that bread so i guess its fine.

What's your fave Colour Pop eyeshadow? Mine for now is NILLIONAIRE!!!! I just love how it catches the light!!! :D.. I cant wait to try "I heart This" "Envy" "Rex" and "So Quiche"

PRICE:N2100 / N2350

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  1. hiiiii.....i'm so excited to see this lovely review... i just got my colourpop eyeshadows delivered to me on Monday... i bought from their site and got them shipped through one shipping company... i got 8 of them including Rex *tongue out*... you should check out Ibiza too... it a gorgeous teal colour.. Enjoy

  2. I'm crazy about Gameface though.its super gorgeous.