Tuesday, March 10, 2015


 Hi Everyone,
I have a review of a fun new way to try out great products at an equally great price. Ever since i got into the whole beauty business i have seen tons of reviews of beauty boxes online and i was super excited when i found out the beauty boon was starting theirs. I think this is the first company introducing this to Nigeria. Go BeautyBoon!!!

I love to try out new beauty products but i don't always want to fork out a lump sum of money for a product i'm not too sure about. Beauty boon provides a monthly subscription that provides you with 1 full size and 4-5 sample or deluxe samples of  personalized beauty and grooming products they have in their stock. 

You can choose one of their two subscription options. N5000 (monthly) or N19000 (quarterly).Feel free to choose whichever suits your pocket.

To get started, you will have to log on to the beauty boon site and fill out a little questionnaire/beauty profile which is intended to feed them info on your likes and generally get to know what your beauty wants/ needs are. Now this questionnaire is very in depth and a little lenghty but i was really impressed with how much detail they put into compiling it. It sure aided them in sending me some cute stuff.

 In my "BOOMBOOM BOX"..LOL ..I was sent  the following

Almay eye makeup remover
Civant Eye complex
Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume
The Body shop Tea tree face mask
Dr Browners Magic soap

These dark circles look like they are here to stay..I don't know how i developed them under my eyes. I'M TOO YOUNG!! LOL..Now for puffiness and bags, i blame that on little sleep. I don't get enough sleep and sometimes i force myself to get some shut eye. This product comes in handy for the rough days and over time will help sort out my under eye wahala.
Now this perfume was one of my mum's favourites. The smell is so distinct and mature.I am a huge perfume lover and i love to try out new scents. Little sample sizes are also great to intensify or switch up your scent during the day. Love it.
Taking off makeup should be as easy as applying it.(well its super easy for me). I really like how this takes off eye makeup in one swipe.The container is also super cute. Also,this is the first almay product i have tried. This beauty box will give you access to new brands or brands you never really paid attention to. Even more reason to subscribe.

Overall, i was happy with my boonbox .What do you guys think of the service? I would advise you get into it ladies. Its a cheap and fun way to try out great products and i love the element of surprise of it all because you don't know what you are going to receive. Might just be that item you have been longing for...

To jump on this CLICK HERE and get ready to receive your "BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE"

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  1. This is really lovely and I am so pleased that beauty boxes are becoming more popular in Nigeria. I really like the contents of the boxes and the samples are almost like full size products!! That's really impressive!!..xx

  2. Everybody seems to be getting the same thing. I sent you a mail and am yet to get a reply please help a sister out thanks

  3. I just subscribed today. I cant wait to see the surprises that await me.