Tuesday, January 6, 2015


 Hi Guys!!

First of all..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I don't think i blogged at all in december. I took a little break to get my head together and relax! After a stressful but blessed year it was super duper N.E.C.E.S.S.A.R.Y!!

Also to those who dont know my birthday was last week! Ughhh Birthdays!! I absolutely  looove birthdays. After wishing people happy birthday all year it was finally my turn and i was so happy! Thanks to all my friends for the birthday wishes on instagram! For the first time in all my birthdays i didn't have a CAKE!! :"( .. But i had a lot of fun that day to make up for it. ;) I went to the water park and turned up like a little kid!!! I had such a great day!!Not the typical 25th bday celebration but i wanted it that way and i loved every single moment of it..

I decided to do a random facts about me today.. I always wanted to do one so here goes..

*I don't make New year resolutions. I don't think it neccessary to wait till the clock strikes 12 to make a decision i should have made a long time ago.

*I used to be a big procastinator but i have since changed. Life got so much easier and it made me a lot bolder.

*People say i look like a snob and very unapproachable.I'm really just beaming on the inside!! Resting Bitch face problems.

*I'm not big on sharing my personal life on social media because i am very private person. Chat with me face to face and i am very much an open book.

*I want to start a youtube channel so bad but i am sooo shhhyyy!!

*A lot of people think i am older than my age. I just turned 25 last week O_0

*I wanted to be a diplomat when i was younger. I had no idea what it was but i heard my mum talk about it and i sounded so cool. lol

*Last time i counted i own over 150 Lipsticks. (Covers face)

*I cannot stay at home alone and i am afraid of the dark. I cannot even sleep in my room without knowing my sister is in her room opposite mine. *yikes*


Hope you enjoyed this really super random post today!! Welcome to this awesome new year guys. Make sure you rock every single day of this year  and i pray you achieve your goals and aspirations. Even if you don't achieve at least you will get on the path to doing so.Thanks to all my readers,commenters and supporters!! Love you all.

Thanks for Stopping by!!


  1. Yay! welcome back!. Also, start your youtube channel. Its kind of like talking to yourself and i'm sure you'd love it. Happy new year :)

    1. Thank you so much doll. Il do a test video and try it out

    2. Thank you so much doll. Il do a test video and try it out

  2. Happy New Year pretty girl!!! :D xx

  3. Ahhhh, 150 lipsticks!!!
    I want to raid your stash so badly, your sister is lucky, she's got an endless supply of makeup, hmmm, maybe you should do a lipstick giveaway!


    1. You know life is so funny. I have sisters and they honestly do not care for my makeup. I always encourage them to play with my makeup and use whatever they want but they hardly ever do so. Loool. I should do a giveaway soon but I don't think anyone wants used lipstick. I would feel guilty. Lol