Friday, December 5, 2014


I don't need any more brushes; says all the makeup brush addicts out there. I remember when i had like four makeup brushes and i didn't care much for it. Few years down the line i am hooked! I have more brushes than i need and i'm still eyeing the sigma sets! *coversface* Lord help me.

I was browsing the beauty revolution site a few weeks back and guys... that site is my number one stop for all the latest makeup products right now. They have everything! Limecrime velvetines, ABH Palettes, brushes, eyeshadows you name it. And their prices are the cheapest i have seen. So i was browsing the site when i purchased my Urban decay vice 3 palette and i included this in my cart. I changed my mind before i checked out (in a bid to exercise self control) and forgot about the brushes. A few days later the lovely Bukky sends me a message offering to send me these for review!! WHHHHHOOOOOPEEEEDEEWHOOOP!!! I was sooo happy!! eeeeeek!*Goodthingscometothosewhowait*

When i received the brushes i skipped to my chair and quickly opened it to feel them..Ughh let me save the gist and start this post of the right way

What Real Technique says:A collection of Nic’s favorite brushes. Complete any look with this limited edition set, featuring 3 exclusive brushes specially designed to create the perfect finish.Includes all the brushes needed to create a complete look.This limited edition Real Techniques makeup brush set offers high-definition and five brushes to perfect your face.

DazzleBeautie: The brushes are housed in a clear plastic case so you can see the beautiful brushes. The handle of the brushes are silver and shiny . This makes them look unique compared to the other individuals and sets. Included in this set are:

Duo -Fiber face brush

Cheek Brush(set exclusive)
Angled shadow brush(set exclusive)
Base shadow brush
Eyeliner brush

Duo-fiber face brush: For lightweight application + blending of face powder or pigments. I use this brush to apply my cheek highlught. The bristles are super soft and it doesn't load the product unto the skin. If you like a light wash of color at the high points of your face this is the perfect brush to help you acheive that.

Cheek brush (set exclusive): evenly applies makeup across cheekbone for a more dramatic finish. This is the blush/contour brush. The shape of this brush allows you to apply cheek contour in a a way that it could double as a contour. It sits the cheek color right in the hollows of your cheek in one sweep. My new favorite blush brush.

Angled shadow brush (set exclusive): perfectly cut for layering eye shadow in the crease. This brush fits right into the crease. All i do is press it righ in the crease socket and blend back and forth. The angled tip also helps with precise product placement.

Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color. This brush is a bigger version of the blending brush included in the starter collection. I love this brush because it blends out perfectly and leaves no harsh lines. It is also a MAC 217 dupe if you ask me.

Eyeliner brush (set exclusive): firm, angled head for optimal control along lash line.Now this brush i use to fill my eyebrows and not for lining my eyes. It is really thick and gives a super thick line especially if you are a winged eyeliner girl like me.

Overall, i give this brush set an A+. No complaints whatsoever and it is a great addition to any makeup brush kit and they look so pretty too. What do you guys think? Love it? I DO!!


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