Monday, September 8, 2014


Hi guys,

Today i will be reviewing this Sacha kamaflague palette i got a while back. Recently i decided i wanted to start doing makeup professionally. I dont like to beat my own face aloneyou know. LOL.

I was searching online for foundation palettes and i came across this one. Well actually the first time i heard about this palette was during the makeup masterclass i attended  with Jackie Aina. I decided to purchase this because she raved about the brand SACHA and i was interested in trying out their products.

What SACHA COSMETICS says: A 10- piece light weight palette that comes in light-to-medium and medium-to-deep sets. SACHA's Kamaflage Cover Cream foundations are silicone based and used to camouflage skin imperfections such as hyper pigmentation, vitiligo, tattoos and many more. This light-weight formula is water resistant and smudge proof once set with SACHA's Setting Powder and Fix It Spray. It provides maximum coverage and recommended for all skin types.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: First of all, when it comes to foundations, i'm not very forgiving. Foundation is the most important component of any makeup look for me. When your foundation is right/wrong it can either make/mar your look. Now, the colors in this palette are very dodgy. You will have to do a lot of mixing to get the correct shade. I tried using this foundation on myself and it was a problem getting my shade. I have also tried the last three shades on people and it was a little off. I have a problem wiht trying to make foundations work. I feel if it is not your shade or doesn't suit your undertone it will leave a cast and that is UGLY.

Now the consistency of this is quite creamy and you don't need a lot. Over do this and it will look super cakey. I have used the shade P.Caramel as a highlight and it did come out quite nice. I set with my a HD setting powder so it didn't budge.

Overall, i don't know how i feel about this product in general. I'l probably stick to using it as a highlight color. I generally prefer liquid foundations.

WOULD I RECOMMEND: Kinda! If you have the patience to mix and match and you like full coverage makeup. Its an okay palette to have in your kit to conceal spots and for highlighting.

PRICE: N7000

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  1. Yay!! for taking this talent to the professional level! I'm sure you'll kickass! xx

  2. N7k not bad but if ure on the fence on this then its probably not worth it and the nigerian factor (weather)there's nothing as annoying as looking cakey n ashy!BH cosmetic foundations are good n affordable..I can tell u that for free but its got a scent n its a liquid foundation!I've got them in all shades!by the way I ended up using my anastasias dipbrow pomade n I don't think there's anything spectacular about it kmt!my $18 gone I shall be stick to using my pencils!follow back on insta @spankysbeautique