Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MAC VIVA GLAM: Nicki Minaj debuts new Lavender Lipstick

Hi my loves, how is everyone doing? Just wanted to do a quick post of this AD i saw yesterday and i got super excited.. Nicki Minaj is releasing a new Viva GLAM LIPSTICK..Yaaaaay!!! From the AD we can see that its going to be a lavender colored lippie this time..Who would have thought? We all know Nicki loves her pinks.

In her ad for the new release, Nicki floats in a pool of purple lipsticks and some Viva glam Nicki lookalikes, wearing a sunshine-yellow retro-inspired swimsuit and stilettos.She looks so gorgeous and fun.If you look closely it looks like shes also wearing the new lippie too ^_^ . Mac revealed the new collaboration on twitter with the hash tag #LavenderIsTheNewPink. No word on the name yet and pricing though.

The new lipstick will be available from FEB.9TH next year and all proceeds will go to HIV/AIDS charities as usual. It also comes with a lip glass too. PERFECT!

What do you think guys? Do you like the AD and the look of the lipstick? I missed out on every other lavender colored lipstick from MAC's previous collections even though i own UP THE AMP. I will DEFINITELY be getting this..Cant wait to see swatches and reviews. :D  #TEAM MAC  #TEAM NICKI...

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  1. I love Nicki's new color and it's always great when things go to charitable organizations.

    xo, natasha solae